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Woodinville man charged with rape

rape charge by Jeff Switzer
Facing three counts of third-degree child rape, a Woodinville man pleaded not-guilty last Friday and a Kirkland woman will be arraigned Oct. 10 after both allegedly engaged in bondage and raped the woman's 15-year-old daughter as many as 50 times since May of this year.
   Robert James Miller, 47, remains in custody with bail set at $100,000. The mother, 42, was questioned and released and is expected to be arrested prior to her arraignment. Both are restricted from contact with the daughter and minors unless in the presence of a responsible adult. The girl phoned the police on Sept. 28 and told them she had been raped. Upon arrival, police found the defendant's truck, but he had fled the apartment. They arrested him at his home in Woodinville without incident.
   According to charging papers, Miller claimed to be a Druid and the intercourse with the girl began in Minnesota as a kind of initiation into "the circle." The daughter told police that the assaults took place with the knowledge and consent of her mother and that her mother would occasionally participate in the rapes. She also stated that her mother started her on birth-control pills in April 1996.
   After the mother and daughter moved to Juanita, Miller allegedly raped the girl several times a night for several days and told her to stop saying "no," as it would not help. The last rape on Sept. 20 involved handcuffs, leather belts, and a gag, charging papers say.
   If convicted, both Miller and the girl's mother could face five years in prison. Miller's next court date is Oct. 17.