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Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
A Woodinville woman who allowed her daughter's friend to move into her spare room for $250 a month noticed things missing or moved, and her daughter said the man had admitted taking things. One night, the woman came home to find her pet bird in the bottom of its cage with its head missing. She does not have any pets which could have done this. Two doors have holes punched in them and one night she witnessed the man stabbing holes into a door in the hallway with a large bread knife. The man has not been seen for more than a week, and several items are missing.
   On Sept. 26, a Redmond man's luggage was to be delivered to his home after being delayed from California. The delivery, expected late at night, reportedly arrived as planned, but when the man checked his porch in the morning, only two of the three pieces were there. Absent was a box filled with new suits and ties from San Francisco valued at $2,800.