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Learning workshops at Woodinville Library

learning workshops Two free workshops will be offered at the Woodinville Library for families who are interested in new ideas to make learning enjoyable for their children.
   A "Learning 7 Ways" workshop will be held Oct. 12 at the library from 10:30-noon. Parents will learn about the seven intelligences and how to use this knowledge in working with their children. They will have a chance to participate with their children in several games and activities that will help their children's reading and writing skills. The workshop is open to families with children in grades 1-3.
   A preschool workshop will be held Oct. 17 from 10:30-noon. In this workshop, families will have an opportunity to engage in activities that will develop skills needed to learn to read and write. These workshops are useful for families with children who need extra help and for those who are looking for enrichment ideas. Families will take home a packet of valuable and practical materials and resources from both workshops.
   Call 844-2459 for information.