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Guest Column

Take guns away from domestic abusers

domestic abusers by U.S. Senator Patty Murray
Every 12 seconds, a woman in this country is battered. And each year, 2,000 children die from abuse inflicted by a parent. Domestic violence is a terrible and vicious crime.

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Mixed feelings about changes in Woodinville

changes in Woodinville When we left our Midwest home some 13 years ago for the spectacular scenery in this state, we found the little town of Woodinville a gem, although a hidden one.

Using tax dollars to mitigate developments

using tax dollars One of my reasons to be upset about the Stone Hill development is that our city does not require that developers provide sidewalks or other improvements all the way to the main arterials serving the development.

Vote doesn't appear to mean anything in Woodinville

meaningless vote I am so sorry that Mr. Jessup is bothered by the two-thirds of the citizens of Woodinville that exercised their right "not to vote."

City can't afford to correct dangerous traffic situation

dangerous traffic After spending several thousand dollars in two tries at getting the voters to pass a bond issue, the city is too cash short to correct a dangerous traffic situation at NE 160th Street and 124th Avenue NE.

Corps of Engineers work will allow full use of park

Cottage Lake Park In response to the letter of Maxine Keesling (Sept. 30): On behalf of the Community Council for Cottage Lake, we want to thank you for drawing our attention to the King County Parks petition for work to be done in Cottage Lake Park.

Questioning the spending by Fire District 'Watchdog'

spending questioned The resignation of Chief Jim Davis cost the taxpayers $141,626.57 to "buy out" his contract. I must ask Watchdog Callon: Was this a necessary use of public funds?

Answer from the 'Taxpayers' Watchdog'

commissioner's response In response to the letter from Mary Baum (Oct. 7): Indeed you are correct when you stated last week that I made a motion (Feb. 5, 1996) to have Snure Law Offices attend all Fire District meetings.

Time for Christians to get back to basics

back to basics This political season I've seen and heard more to turn a non-Christian off by "Christians." It appears a great many of the Christian voices do not do what they are supposed to be all about.

Tallying the results of recycling event

recycling event The King County Solid Waste Division wishes to thank the residents of Bothell and the north portion of King County for their participation in the Special Recycling Event at Bothell High School on Sept. 21.

Press releases leave out information

missing information Re-wilding uplands and stream corridors for fish habitat (to the detriment of private property owners) furnishes endless jobs for government bureaucracies and professional environmentalists.

Sport of hunting being manipulated

hunting manipulated In regard to Initiative 655, this attempt is to stop only hunters from the use of bait and hounds to harvest bears, cougars, and bobcats.