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Mixed feelings about changes in Woodinville

changes in Woodinville When we left our Midwest home some 13 years ago for the spectacular scenery in this state, we found the little town of Woodinville a gem, although a hidden one. Everything about the area--the folks, the clean air, the space, the beauty, the lifestyle of those who appreciate and respect nature as it is--delighted us, and we settled in with contentment and joy.
   But, as things do, they changed, and we are filled with mixed feelings about those changes. The town became a city, and it didn't take long for the movers and shakers to agitate and prod and insist and push for "their" apparent vision for Woodinville to become a mirror image of Bellevue. Citizens' "no's and never's" were not an option.
   Bewildered, we watch as "progress" "improves" this charming city. Now melancholy has displaced contentment and joy, and has inspired this haiku:

   Valleys, trees, hills, space.
   Developers' bulldozers
   Demolish the scene.

Jane Boren Kaake, Woodinville