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Using tax dollars to mitigate developments

using tax dollars One of my own many reasons to be upset about the Stone Hill development is that our city, unlike many in the country, does not require that developers provide sidewalks or other neighborhood improvements all the way to the main arterials serving the development, and does not require that developers mitigate the effects of a development on a neighborhood except in the most minor ways.
   Rather, the city prefers to use state and federal grants and other tax money to provide these improvements when they determine they are necessary.
   The result is that one or two years after a development is in place, the improvements that would not have been needed except for developments are built with our tax dollars, while the developers are already gone with their profits intact.
   When I commented on this during the Hearing Examiner's meeting for the development, the city actually responded that state and federal grants were not our tax dollars!
   And then we wonder why there never seem to be enough public funds for schools, parks, etc.

Maria Morris, Woodinville