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Vote doesn't appear to mean anything in Woodinville

meaningless vote I am so sorry that Mr. Jessup is bothered by the two-thirds of the citizens of Woodinville that exercised their right "not to vote" (Woodinville Weekly, Sept. 23).
   Did Mr. Jessup ever stop to consider "that maybe" those people are fed up with the antics of the Town Council and politics in general for not doing what their constituents want? Did it ever occur to you and the council, "Why vote, they (the council) will do what they want, regardless of how we vote, so why waste our time?"
   How much of our tax dollars were wasted in promotion and the election in May of this year? Vote did not pass. We'll do it again! How much of our tax dollars were wasted again on Sept. 17? Again, vote did not pass! What will be the next move of our local government?
   When, and if, they initiate the councilmanic bonds, I hope they remember who elected them. 1997 is an odd-numbered year and some of them are up for re-election, and we know who is not representing us.
   Thank God for elections, and those non-voters just might vote next year, even if the vote doesn't appear to mean anything in Woodinville.
   Yes, I voted.

Ruth Bidon, a taxpayer, Woodinville