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City can't afford to correct dangerous traffic situation

dangerous traffic After spending several thousand dollars in two tries at getting the voters to pass a bond issue, the city is too cash short to correct a dangerous traffic situation at NE 160th Street and 124th Avenue NE.
   Yes, that is the intersection recently rebuilt by King County. I pointed out to City Engineer Joel Birchman that there is a dangerous "sight" problem both eastbound and westbound at that intersection, and he agreed with me.
   On Oct. 7, I appeared before the City Council with my concerns. As usual, I got nowhere. The city says it would cost $10,000 to correct it. Lucy DeYoung, Woodinville's candidate for State Treasurer, commented that perhaps the city should have a meeting with Winchester Hills residents to see if they are concerned.
   It is a matter of safety. $10,000.00 is a small price to pay to insure that people are not killed or injured because of the sight problem.
   While kissing off $10,000 for preventing injury to citizens of Woodinville, the council, with Marsha Engel absent, by a four to two vote (Miller, Brocha, DeYoung, and Hageman voting for the purchase), decides to spend $1,650,000 (that's $1.65 million) to purchase a little over three acres for a parking lot.
   As Deputy Mayor Brocha pointed out, if the city didn't use it for something else, it could sell it at a profit in 10 years. The city is now apparently engaging in real estate speculation.

Bob Dixon, former city councilmember, Woodinville