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Corps of Engineers work will allow full use of park

Cottage Lake Park In response to the letter of Maxine Keesling (Sept. 30):
   On behalf of the Community Council for Cottage Lake, we want to thank you for drawing our attention to the King County Parks petition to the Corps of Engineers for work to be done in Cottage Lake Park.
   This council has been working with the Parks Department for over four years, providing them with input from the community who will use this park facility. A survey appeared in the Woodinville Weekly in September of 1992. There were several hundred responses to the survey, and the information gathered was tabulated and given to the Parks Department.
   Due to the funds provided for purchase of the park, there have had to be mitigations, most of which we have known about and accepted, with the goal being a full-service, year-round park for the community. The 22-acre park area was heavily impacted by the former owner, who filled in wetlands to create more dry area for recreation.
   Current plans devote nearly half the park to environmentally sensitive issues, including a 300-foot buffer along Daniels Creek that bisects the park and more sensitive use of a portion of the lakeshore within the park, noted as wetland.
   Currently, areas of the park become soggy with each rainfall; other areas never do dry out. By permitting some levels of the park to be raised, the public should have full year-round use of open areas.
   Population growth in the area is reflected by the Department of Roads making extensive improvements on Avondale and Woodinville-Duvall roads this year.
   Our understanding is that this Corps of Engineers permit is the final one needed to begin work on the park. It has been a long time coming.

Bob McCormick, President, Cottage Lake Area Council