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Questioning the spending by Fire District 'Watchdog'

spending questioned The resignation of Chief Jim Davis cost the taxpayers $141,626.57 to "buy out" his contract. I must ask Watchdog Callon: Was this a necessary use of public funds?
   No reason has been given for Chief Davis' resignation either at the "public" commissioners meetings nor in the commissioners' statement, which was read by Commissioner May at the Sept. 3. meeting. In fact, this statement lists the many accomplishments realized by the district during Chief Davis' tenure.
   They are too numerous to detail but, in brief: Reducing fire loss; excellence in management awards; establishing a $4 million reserve to maintain services without further bond issues; a national award of excellence for fire education; and disaster planning for the district.
   So I must ask and encourage interested citizens to ask also: Why was it necessary to spend $141,626.57?
   When added to the attorney's fees of $34,122.46 (as mentioned in a letter to this paper on Oct. 7), it looks like our "watchdog" and associates have spent $175,749.03 of our money. Why?

Kathy Agnew, Woodinville