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Answer from the 'Taxpayers' Watchdog'

commissioner's response In response to the letter from Mary Baum (Oct. 7):
   Indeed you are correct when you stated last week that I made a motion (Feb. 5, 1996) to have Snure Law Offices attend all Fire District meetings. I am sorry you must have missed my motion which recommended Snure Law Offices to become our official legal counsel. You are also correct when you stated that the Fire District billed $34,122.46 (YTD August) to Snure Law Offices for services rendered in 1996.
   However, please allow me to correct you with a minor error in your letter. In 1995, the Fire District did not bill only $3,613.70 to Snure Law Offices. The district also utilized several other legal counsels which accumulated over $60,000 of legal invoices. So as your new Fire Commissioner, we are on track to reduce this year's legal fees compared to 1995 by 20%.
   Thank you, Mary Baum, for your concern, but I do feel the citizens of this Fire District should be educated to the entire facts. If you or other citizens have further questions, I can be reached at 882-1723.

David Callon, Taxpayers' Watchdog, Fire Commissioner