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Time for Christians to get back to basics

back to basics This political season I've seen and heard more to turn a non-Christian off by "Christians."
   It appears a great many of the Christian voices do not do what they are supposed to be all about. I always thought their goal was to lead others to Christ--not Clinton or Dole. I also always thought a Christ-filled person was supposed to love their neighbor, not judge others, and overall, be a new person in Christ.
   What I have seen are a lot of self-righteous people who are passing judgment left and right and love their own families, but don't care a whole lot about their neighbor. There is absolutely nothing new about any of that.
   From what I know (which may not be much), all of the above are wrong in God's eyes and rank right up there with adultery. As far as I know, God doesn't grade on the curve, although I'm sure there are many who are hoping He does.
   Maybe it's time for Christians to get back to basics, leading others to Christ, and in the process, they may find Him, too.
   Thank goodness God didn't send a committee, group, or coalition, but Jesus Christ.

M. Wallace, Woodinville