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Scout completes Eagle project

photo subject

Dan Widmaier works on the new trail at Bear Creek Elementary.

Eagle Scout Eagle Scout candidate Dan Widmaier of Woodinville Troop 422 recently completed his Eagle Project, constructing a trail at Bear Creek Elementary School.
   As the Environmental Coordinator at the school, teacher Mike Wootton was looking for someone to build a trail "that would allow students access to the school's natural surroundings with a minimum impact on the environment."
   The trail was built with the help of more than 40 scouts and adults working over a period of two weekends. Acting as supervisor for the group was Widmaier's biggest challenge.
   "I found that communication is the key to team effort," he said. "During the project, I walked around and helped the boys, gave them pointers, let them have regular breaks, and worked alongside them to set an example."
   "Dan finished the job according to the plan he submitted and has developed a trail that is a true asset to the school," Wootton said. "I have been very pleased with the result."