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Troop 420 names new officers

swearing in

Troop 420 senior patrol leader swears in his new Boy Scout officers for the 1996-97 year.

Boy Scout Troop 420 Summer and winter camps, the Klondike Derby, adventure activities, Camporee, and monthly hikes and over-nighters are all part of the yearly activities for Boy Scout Troop 420, sponsored by the United Methodist Church in Bothell.
   The troop is also known for the 60 Eagle Scouts it has advanced over the past 53 years. This past summer, the boys stayed at Camp Cowles near Spokane for summer camp; and nine boys with four men took a high adventure canoe trip in Montana prior to attending summer camp.
   The 1996-97 year began with the election of Sean Kellogg as senior patrol leader and Jeffery Sorensen, assistant patrol leader. Patrol leaders and assistants include: Cobra, Spencer Smith and Cordell Torres; Flaming Arrows, Lukas Sjoquist and David Nielson; Frogs, Lucas Hines and Joel Tannesen; Wolverines, Sebastian Lew and Adam Reddick; Falcons, Michael Ocheltree and Brian DeWitt. Officers are: David Nielson, librarian; scribe, Michael Wick; quartermaster, Spencer Smith.
   Mike Kelly has been the Troop Scout Master for five years and was in the troop when he was in Boy Scouts as a young man. Gene Sorensen is the Assistant Scout Master.
   For information on Troop 420, call Judy Donnelly evenings at 363-5887.