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Put your weight loss IQ to the test

weight loss IQ by Paulette Quiroga-Jacklin, C.P.F.T.; C.F.C.
Are your thoughts and habits keeping you fat? Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to losing weight can be your own misconceptions about dieting.
   Where do you stand on this statement: "The best way to lose a flabby stomach and flabby thighs is to do lots of sit-ups and leg lifts. Do them daily whenever possible. Do them while you're watching television or talking on the phone."
   Sorry--spot reducing just doesn't work. When you lose fat, it comes from your total fat reserves, and you have no control over what part of your body those fat reserves come from.
   Spot exercises can tone and strengthen specific areas. But, aerobic exercise--such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, rowing, or aerobic dance, for example--is the best way to burn fat. The bottom line is that you'll burn more fat from around your midline (as well as from other fat-laden areas) if you take a brisk 30-minute walk then if you do 100 sit-ups.