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Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
Following an incident last week in which a resident was the victim of a homemade bomb which blew a 4-inch-deep, one-foot-diameter crater in gravel, police are warning against anyone approaching out-of-place plastic containers which may contain materials for a bomb. If a container is found, police say not to approach or handle it, as it may be volatile, and to contact them for removal. The resident in last week's case was unharmed because the device went off after he set it on the ground.

In other police news:
   A residential burglary occurred between Sept. 27 and 30 in the 19900 block of 130 Avenue NE.
   Between Sept. 29 and Oct. 2, a would-be burglar failed to gain access to an empty house after trying to get in through the skylight, the back door, and the garage door, prying off a doorknob, metal casing, and a door frame which was later used in an attempt on the garage. The suspect jumped off the roof and landed on a faux wishing well, breaking its roof, after giving up the break-in attempts.
   On Oct. 6, a '70s Chevy flatbed truck was observed in the theft from a local business of two bundles of cardboard weighing 1,200 pounds each and valued at $120 each. The bundles were set out for pickup; the company says five such losses have been reported.
   A woman reported she was lying awake in her bed Oct. 10 when she heard a noise and saw a male adult open the front door, enter the house, and shut the door behind him. She called 911, and while waiting for officers, heard noises as if someone was moving around downstairs. Arriving officers found the rear garage door and the door connecting the garage and house both unlocked, and found no one on the premises.