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Fire District notices should be published locally

Fire District notices At the Oct. 15 meeting of the Woodinville Fire Commissioners, Commissioner Callon proposed to change the official Fire District publication from the Woodinville Weekly to the Journal American.
   The Woodinville Weekly is a free publication that goes out to roughly 12,000 homes in Woodinville and has reported Fire District News for many years. It is also the official paper for the City of Woodinville.
   The Weekly is locally owned and operated, has a wide readership and, as one would expect, reports on local issues. Callon stated the reason for this proposal was that the Journal American will reach a larger audience. It seems that the citizens of the Fire District who are interested in district business would be more likely to read the Weekly, which is mailed to their home and arrives free of charge.
   The Fire Commissioners have eliminated the Citizen's Advisory Committee, the Fire Chief, and now they want to cease communication with the citizens in our local paper.
   Add this to the resolution adopted by the Commissioners that states they are not required to answer questions or make comment to the public at their bimonthly meetings, and I have to again ask the question: Who do you have to answer to if it is not the citizens of this Fire District?
   Those are the same citizens that, by the way, elected you to office.

Kathy Agnew, Woodinville