The Edwards Agency


'Taxpayer's Watchdog' barking up the wrong tree

clarification I believe the Taxpayer's Watchdog is barking up the wrong tree and a clarification is in order on his Oct. 14 letter.
   No, I did not miss your motion to recommend Snure Law Offices to become the official legal counsel, nor did I miss that you also adopted a motion to give all the commissioners access to legal counsel at any time, rather than just the chair or chief as in the past, thus leaving it wide open to increase the cost to taxpayers.
   Let's also clarify for the taxpayers that the additional $60,000 that was spent on attorney fees last year was for the negotiation of two or three employee contracts. The reason other law firms were used was they were felt to be the experts in those particular fields and Snure was not.
   Taking that into consideration, if the district had had three contracts to negotiate this year, as well as Snure Law offices, the fees would now be close to $100,000. No matter how you cut it, from $3,000 to $34,000 is an increase.
   Considering you also spent approximately $141,000 to buy out the Chief's contract, are paying the new Chief $82,000, and adding the additional legal fees of $34,000, we are up to $258,000. Please, at this rate, don't continue to watch my money!
   Thank you for the offer to contact you with questions, but I think it would be more appropriate if the Commissioners would answer those questions during a public meeting rather than in private, as you have also voted to do.

Mary Baum, The Dog Pound, Woodinville