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Bait and switch: a sweetheart deal

sweetheart deal Four members of the Woodinville City Council, ignoring the wishes of the voters, purchased the 3.14 acres that had been deleted in order to get the $6 million in bonds to pass. Talk about bait and switch.
   To make matters worse, the city is paying $1.65 million to Brittany Park for the land. Then the city will construct a 48-space parking lot and make it "available" to Brittany Park. The city will also "rent" an existing home on the property to Brittany Park for use as a sales office for $500 a month. Does anyone in Woodinville know where a home can be rented, in the city, for $500 a month? Talk about a sweetheart deal!
   Mayor Miller called 52% a "landslide," and Deputy Mayor Brocha said that despite the failure to get 60%, the majority of the voters said they wanted a civic center. That 52% "yes" vote was based upon the city not buying the 3.14 acres. The city supposedly removed them from consideration when the bond issue was reduced from $7.5 million to $6 million. It appears the 3.14 acres was not removed, only set aside until after the bond issue vote.
   Brittany Park is a retirement center, not a nursing home. The seniors living there will compete with employees of Brittany Park for the 50 spaces Brittany Park will provide and the 48 parking spaces that the city will supply. There will be little or no parking available for either the Wilmot Park or the ball fields.
   Three of the councilmembers who voted this sweetheart deal will be up for re-election in November 1997: Mayor Miller, Deputy Mayor Brocha, and Lucy DeYoung, candidate for State Treasurer. I certainly hope that somewhere in the city there are three citizens disgusted enough with their voting record to run against them.

Bob Dixon, former City Councilmember, Woodinville