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Patience will keep Woodinville the quaint city it is

a quaint city Adding to Kim Estrada's letter of Sept. 23 on the new "Shopping Village" design for Woodinville, I too "am relieved to see that there was a lot of thought put into having some country character designed into the new complex." However, that is where my relief stopped and my worry began.
   How can Woodinville allow another grocery store into an area that already has two markets within a stone's throw of each other? We also already have four dry cleaners within the City of Woodinville. Do we need a fifth? Do we need one more pet store because the others already here can't provide enough varied pets and products to the new residents of Woodinville?
   I, for one, don't mind going to Redmond or Lynnwood to see a movie. I don't mind driving over to east Redmond for the new Target store, either.
   It just seems to me that TRF-Pacific is just leasing their spaces to anyone who'll pay, without a thought as to how many empty stores they might have later on, joining the others.
   I know there has to be progress, as land owners like to be able to sell their land, but developers who purchase that land ought to be more sensitive to their surroundings. It is as if TRF-Pacific never even drove around the City of Woodinville to see what we have here in place, so as to create as little conflict as possible in the name of progress. They come and go, without a care as to the impact on people's lives.
   Woodinville is more unique than you long-term residents realize. It is like no other city along the whole Eastside. It is compact and quaint, with the business portion not spread out all over as with most cities. That's why I live here. Do we really want an off-ramp nightmare like there is in Issaquah? Gilman Village was supposed to be a charming addition to Issaquah. It has only succeeded in backing up two freeway ramps and cross-streets.
   The streets of Woodinville are too narrow for this much density in retail stores. As far as "retail leakage" is concerned, existing stores and shops are hemorrhaging now, going out of business.
   I'm sure the elected officials of Woodinville have felt that leak out of their pockets from lost tax monies, and are more than eager to have this new center built and filled. I don't think it's a crime if it takes Woodinville a little longer to make the improvements it would like, or to purchase land and building needs.
   We residents are patient souls. It's worth it to have Woodinville remain the quaint city that it is.

Karen Ward, Woodinville