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County ignoring holes in the road

potholes ignored It has been almost three months since the road from the old Hollywood School House at the intersection, going up through the gully, as we call it, was closed so King County Surface Water Management could fill in the ravine to stabilize the water that rushes down through there.
   In doing this, at every place the large machine (crane) set down its "feet," there now happens to be a bump, or hole, in exactly these spots. Nothing has been done about repairing this damage. It ruined our road, I believe. I pay high taxes, and everyone else does, too, and nothing is being done about this damage.
   Amy Carlson, Project Engineer on this, did call me when I complained about the large hole right in the driving lane before the curve. She told me it would be taken care of. Someone did come out the next day and mark it with orange, but there it still is today, getting bigger and bigger, and other lumps in the road going down are beginning to show up.
   What is going on with our King County? What have you seen anyone doing lately?

Linda Eulberg, Woodinville