The Edwards Agency


Wetlands should remain natural and unfilled

Cottage Lake Park To the Cottage Lake Community Council:
   I appreciate your appreciation of my calling the public's attention to Cottage Lake Park's rehabilitation with so much emphasis on re-wilding to pre-recreational conditions.
   However, my understanding for the mitigation requirements is that the county has chosen to fill an additional 2.83 acres of wetlands that apparently were too wet even for Norm's original recreational uses; hence the mitigation requirements, per the Army Corps of Engineers report.
   As to your regrets that I was not part of the community planning process, I was very active in the beginning, until the point when I thought the back-to-naturing was a dead item. Until the ACE report, I didn't realize it had been resurrected.
   May I state surprise that the community council was so agreeable about giving up the use of "nearly half the park" for non-people purposes. Were that the case with other developed parks that have previously impacted sensitive areas, our useable waterfront parks inventory would be in a deplorable state.
   I feel very strongly that the 2.83 acres of wetlands for which filling is requested should remain natural and unfilled, thereby canceling the back-to-nature mitigation requirements for so much of the rest of the park.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville