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Washingtonians enjoy independence of thought

gubernatorial debate After watching the gubernatorial debate (Oct. 9), I can only applaud Mr. Locke. And feel sorry for Mrs. Craswell. While her commitment to her religion and the Bible is certainly commendable, her lack of education regarding facts of life in this very important Pacific Rim state is appalling.
   Her narrow road campaign has seemingly kept her too busy to be even superficially informed about Washington State's importance in world trade, research and development in technology and medicine, art, and academics, and the resolution of social and ethical issues.
   Her advisors would do well to inform her of this state's own and regional importance, and that we stand prominent because of our recognition of cultural, racial, and social diversity, and because our educational, business, and industrial centers recognize this diversity and support organizations for their diverse populations (i.e. BEAGLES (Boeing Employees Assoc. of Gays & Lesbians) and GLEAM (Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Employees at Microsoft)).
   Regarding her almost unbelievable (in this day and age for an educated person) position regarding homosexuality, her advisors should show her the research presented in Science News: The Weekly Magazine Of Science regarding the physiological origins of behavioral differences. We do not all share the same body chemistry!
   It is not surprising that our founding fathers used the Bible as their cultural reference in composing the Constitution. But please remember they were able to do so because this country had been primarily settled by refugees from religious and political persecution.
   Thank you Mr. Locke, for recognizing our rich diversity of cultures and traditions and most importantly, the independence of thought we Washingtonians want to continue to enjoy in our state.

Dorothy G. Carlson, Duvall