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The Nov. 5th ballot: 45th Legislative District, Position 1

45th Legislative District Incumbent Kathy Lambert, Republican, is seeking a second term in the 45th District, facing a challenge from political newcomer Trina Good, Democrat.

Kathy Lambert

Kathy Lambert Age: 43.
Party: Republican.
Occupation: Teacher/small business owner.
Family: Husband, Daryl; grown children; eight grandchildren.

   Incumbent Kathy Lambert is campaigning on her role of "protecting the people of this district from overregulation and over-taxation."
   "As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will work with information acquired through performance audits to make government agencies more efficient and effective as well as to streamline or consolidate where appropriate," Lambert said.
   During her term, Lambert also taught several classes on how to become a citizen lobbyist. "The job of a representative also includes serving the needs of the people in dealing with government agencies and working on legislation that is responsive to solve their problems," she said.
   Lambert said she hopes to increase the efficiency in government through regulatory reform, performance audits and lower taxes. A member of the Law and Justice Committee and Criminal Justice Task Force, she said she plans to continue working issues such as gangs, drug abuse and protecting citizens from violent offenders.
   Lambert also supports maintaining the state's quality of life and focusing government on its proper functions, improving transportation, restoring local control to schools, and encouraging a business-friendly environment to create more family wage-paying jobs.
   "My years as a former small-business owner, mother, wife, homemaker, taxpayer, banker, property owner, grandmother, and teacher helped build experience that counts," said Lambert. "I've felt the burden of overregulation and worked to make business and family budgets stretch. These insights help me to serve my constituents better."
   Lambert has a BA in business education from the University of Washington, has been a volunteer campaign worker for 27 years, served on the PTA for 24 years, and lived in the area for 14 years.

Trina Good

Trina Good Age: 25.
Party: Democrat.
Occupation: High tech marketing.
Family: Single.

   Trina Good serves on the Executive Board of the Northshore/Shoreline Health and Safety Network, a Legislature-commissioned board which focuses on issues such as youth violence, substance abuse and domestic violence. She has also been involved with the re-organizational efforts of the 45th District Democrats and is the King County Central Committee representative for the 45th.
   Good's priorities include accessible and affordable health care, a common sense approach to the sustainable management of natural resources, and an education system which works for all ages--both basic education and job training. She adds that transportation will continue to be a problem of growth, regardless of whether the RTA (rapid transit) plan passes.
   "We need a voice which holds the same moderate values and concerns as the members of this district," Good said. "I believe I am just such a person." Good supports public education as the highest priority investment. "As we see our technological advantages in the world diminishing, we see more and more students graduating from high school without fundamental skills. The educational system is the foundation of society, and to shortchange education at a time like this is the worst kind of political expediency."
   Good believes children deserve a positive and safe environment in which to grow, and supports targeting youth and family issues by identifying risk factors, reconnecting parents and other community members to youth, and curbing problematic behavior through preventive programs.
   "We must develop long-term comprehensive plans to reduce the rate of truancy, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, youth violence, domestic violence, and child abuse," Good said.