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Lightning damages home

storm damage

Marguerite Conger holds a piece of the gutter from her home. Behind her is the ruined chimney.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott/Woodinville Weekly.

home damaged by Andrew Walgamott
A Kingsgate home was damaged when a thunder and lightning storm boomed through the area Oct. 15. Chimney blocks and gutter spouts were thrown into two yards when lightning struck the house. There were no injuries.
   According to reports, lightning struck a fir tree, traveled down the trunk, jumped to a chimney, blew the stack apart, coursed down the roof and whacked the gutter off the side of the house.
   "I heard a big explosion. I thought a transformer blew," said homeowner Marguerite Conger. "I felt the impact (of the blast) in my ears and eyes."
   She said circuit breakers for half the house had popped and her telephone didn't work. A neighbor said he saw a "big flash, and then chimney blocks flew onto my deck and front yard."
   A crew from Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District Station 34 inspected Conger's attic for damage and pulled siding off the house to check for smoldering wiring or fire inside the walls. They advised Conger to call an electrician.