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Guest Column

Halloween doesn't have to be scary

guest column by Children's World Learning Centers
As adults begin to look toward Halloween, they need to consider everything from safe costumes for their children to what kinds of treats to hand out.

Letters to the Editor

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Ballot opinions

School initiatives would relieve problems of large schools

school initiatives I am writing with deep concern about the violence surfacing in the Northshore School District, in particular at Bothell H.S.: three instances within a couple of weeks.

Initiatives' intent constructive, effect destructive

intent vs. effect On Nov. 5, voters will consider Initiatives 173 and 177. While their intent may be constructive, their effect will be destructive to public education.

Charter schools are public schools

charter schools I am tired of hearing people like the WEA and PTA saying that I-177 charter schools are not public schools.

Backlund really cares about kids

Bill Backlund It is about time that someone stood up for Bill Backlund's help to families and children. His opponent's supporters continue to mischaracterize Bill's record for their own political gain.

Educational accountability with vote for Taber

Ron Taber In July of 1993, our state legislators approved HB1209 as their answer to the growing concern over the decline of our public education system. HB1209, also known as our state education reform act, developed four state learning goals.

Sacrifice the future or work to save it

sacrifice or save the future Two hundred years ago, a man by the name of Alexander Tyler made a warning that democracy could not succeed.

Candidate for Supreme Court knows and understands the Constitution

Douglas J. Smith Once in a while, you hear a speech so stirring that it forever marks and conditions your memory of its speaker. So memorable was one I was present to hear more than a few years ago.

Community issues

Fire District soap opera has lost its humor

Fire District soap opera The weekly sagas surrounding the Woodinville Fire Commissioners have become a regular soap opera. Allegations of misuse of public meeting laws and procedures, to the debacle involving the resignation of the fire chief has, no doubt, kept these meetings lively.

Make Woodinville's image a reality

Woodinville's image A recent letter to the editor from Karen Ward asked a very good question: "How can Woodinville allow another grocery store into an area that already has two markets..."

A caring community

caring community Three weeks ago, our daughter, Jennifer, was rushed by 911 medics to Harborview with severe burns, the result of a kitchen fire.

Special village place

special village place We would like to share a very special place in Woodinville: your own local McDonald's. We go in every morning to read the papers and to give a smile and say hello to all who work there.

Food bank donors help stop hunger

food bank donors The Middle School Youth Group of Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ would like to thank all the people who donated to the food bank when we were collecting food around town.

Deepest appreciation to 'wingless angels'

wingless angels To all who came to the aid of our family after their involvement in the car accident on SR-202 on Oct. 15, we express most sincere appreciation.


Halloween On this night as the moon hangs low, barren trees stand in an eerie glow.
Leaves have fallen, autumn's carpet is laid, pumpkins are carved, decorations are made.