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Guest Column

Halloween doesn't have to be scary

guest column by Children's World Learning Centers
As adults begin to look toward Halloween, they need to consider everything from safe costumes for their children to what kinds of treats to hand out.
   Halloween traditionally is a holiday filled with fun, laughter, and treats. However, understandably, parents become apprehensive each year regarding the safety of this day. The following safety tips will help guide parents in providing their children with a safe and happy Halloween:   Although trick-or-treating can be safe, the dangers have caused more and more parents to consider hosting or attending Halloween parties with their children. Because planned events can be supervised by adults, the hazards of trick-or-treating are avoided.
   If you are planning a Halloween party at home, get the children actively involved in decorating your recreation room or other area where the party will take place. Activities for the party can include bobbing for apples, musical chairs, and other traditional party games. To avoid choking accidents, make sure that children do not eat while running or playing. Add to the fun by giving out small prizes for the most imaginative, scariest, and most humorous costume, and by providing nutritional Halloween treats.