The Edwards Agency


Deepest appreciation to 'wingless angels'

wingless angels To all who came to the aid of our family after their involvement in the car accident on SR-202 on Oct. 15, we express most sincere appreciation. Our thanks is extended especially to those good Samaritans, Cathy Moore and Jesse Hall, who stopped and helped immediately following the incident. (Others stopped and helped, but we didn't get their names.)
   To the emergency responders from Fall City and the Redmond Fire Departments, along with the medics from King County and the emergency room staff at Overlake Hospital, we cannot put into words our most positive thoughts related to your actions. Fire Control Dispatcher Stidell, Trooper Fitzpatrick of the Washington State Patrol, and Fire Department Chaplain Martin Redman were most helpful, as well.
   To the Carnation Ward of the LDS Church, members of IAFF Local 2878, the Volunteers and Staff of Fire District 10, and friends in the Carnation Community, we thank you for the outpouring of concern and for your offers of assistance.
   Our Guardian Angel was in attendance during this most anxious period. Numerous wingless angels were attending here on Earth, as well.

The Soptich's, Carnation