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School initiatives would relieve problems of large schools

school initiatives I am writing with deep concern about the violence surfacing in the Northshore School District, in particular at Bothell H.S.: three instances within a couple of weeks.
   One involved students (it hasn't been determined if the suspects are really students) who stole from the school lockers and were confronted by other kids, resulting in a fight. In the second incident, the vice-principal confrontied a student about violation of school rules, which escalated to a physical assault. The third incident involved two teachers who got into a fight. According to students at Bothell High, tension is very high there.
   One possible problem is the size of schools; the smaller the school (and school district), the more manageable. That is one problem Charter Public Schools (I-177) would help relieve, as well as the Vouchers System I-173.
   Discipline in schools is another area that would definitely be improved with Charter Schools and the Vouchers. Families sending their children to Charter Schools would have a commitment to the success of that school and would not feel the isolation one senses with government schools, if you don't agree with their methods (especially implementation of Goals 2000 Education Reform).
   I imagine the administration dealt with these recent problems, but unless consistent discipline is implemented throughout the whole district, from kindergarten up, problems will escalate. I hear frustration from teachers: "We can't do anything," about discipline problems. "Why not?" all parents should be asking!
   Give Charter Public Schools and Vouchers an opportunity to illustrate their abilities; when government schools "can't do anything" about problems. Vote YES on I-177 and I-173.

Dorothy M. Buehler, Bothell