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Charter schools are public schools

charter schools I am tired of hearing people like the WEA and PTA saying that I-177 charter schools are not public schools.
   As the Attorney General's Official Summary in the 1996 voter's pamphlet says, I-177 charter schools are "public schools." They serve the public, they are open to the public, they are accountable to elected officials, but they are not owned and operated by a government monopoly.
   It is precisely because of this that I-177 charter schools can introduce competition into the current monopoly public school system, which, in turn, will encourage more efficiency, innovation, and customer service in our public school system.
   Defenders of government-run public schools are petrified that parents will prefer sending their children to better schools run by non-profit organizations formed by teachers and parents. Monopolists do not like competition and people do not like giving up control.
   On the one hand, you can't blame them for spreading misinformation. On the other hand, you can.

Diane G. Johnson, Bothell