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Backlund really cares about kids

Bill Backlund It is about time that someone stood up for Bill Backlund's help to families and children. His opponent's supporters continue to mischaracterize Bill's record for their own political gain.
   Bill truly cares about kids. His bill to better define abuse would help decrease over-reporting of suspected abuse cases and lessen the caseload on CPS workers, so they would have the time to work on the cases of true abuse and save many kids from serious injury and death.
   About 50% of abuse cases that end in death are known to CPS before the children die. Giving CPS workers more time for true abuse cases will save children's lives and help protect innocent children from possible abusive actions by the state.
   National experts agree with Bill. He is seeking a reasonable solution to a difficult problem: to protect all children from one extreme or another.
   Bill represents the concerns of most families in the 45th District who want reasonable protection from the heavy hand of government, but who also want truly guilty abusers dealt with appropriately.

Norma Bleikamp, Woodinville