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Candidate for Supreme Court knows and understands the Constitution

Douglas J. Smith Once in a while, you hear a speech so stirring that it forever marks and conditions your memory of its speaker. So memorable was one I was present to hear more than a few years ago.
   He spoke of the roots of our nation. Its freedoms. With great understanding and respect, he reminded us of our obligation to uphold the Constitution of our United States.
   I was impressed. I was challenged by the authority and compassion with which he spoke. I thought, "This country needs leadership of this nature."
   I subsequently came to know the speaker personally. I found it was not just a speech, but a way of life for Douglas J. Smith. Mr. Smith is a candidate for the final seat of the Washington State Supreme Court.
   The personal rights and liberties provided by our founding fathers are in grave danger. Abraham Lincoln wrote, "I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution."
   Douglas J. Smith is a man who knows and understands the Constitution. He has devoted his life to upholding it. I will vote for his election to the Supreme Court. I hope you will join me.

Ruth A. Graber, Oso