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Fire District soap opera has lost its humor

Fire District soap opera The weekly sagas surrounding the Woodinville Fire Commissioners have become a regular soap opera. Allegations of misuse of public meeting laws and procedures, to the debacle involving the resignation of the fire chief has, no doubt, kept these meetings lively. Unfortunately, at taxpayer expense.
   I have yet to read a concise explanation on why the fire chief left, and what justifies the commissioners to agree to pay nearly $150,000 of our money as incentive for the chief to move on quietly. This amounts to about half of what it would cost to purchase a new state-of-the-art fire engine.
   Since I have not attended the meetings or researched these specific issues, I hesitate to question the decisions made by the individuals we've elected to represent us. But the latest proposal reportedly made by Commissioner David Callon to move the publication of official notices involving the Fire District from the Woodinville Weekly to the Journal American indicates that we may have more problems in the administration of Woodinville Fire District issues than we think.
   The Woodinville Weekly is the community newspaper that religiously covers issues that are important to local residents. The Journal American rarely reports on anything about Woodinville, which is evident in the number of local subscribers.
   The Woodinville Weekly is mailed to most of the Woodinville households, reaching the very people that Commissioner David Callon and his colleagues are accountable to. In contrast, the Journal American is delivered to less than 13% of the Woodinville households, (1,263 out of 10,456) according to their own circulation figures of December, 1994. It's been reported that actual circulation numbers have dropped since then.
   The notion to spend our money to communicate Woodinville Fire District business to residents in Bellevue, in lieu of Woodinville taxpayers, shows a lack of common sense. This soap opera has lost its humor.

Dennis Law, Woodinville