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The Nov. 5th ballot: Senator, 1st Legislative District

Senator, 1st Legislative District Two-term Democratic incumbent Rosemary McAuliffe is facing a challenge this year from Republican State Rep. Ian Elliot.

Rosemary McAuliffe

Rosemary McAuliffe Age: 56.
Party: Democrat.
Occupation: Owner/manager, special events facility.
Family: Husband, James; six children; six grandchildren.

   Rosemary McAuliffe has been the 1st District Senator since 1992.
   She was on the Northshore School District School Board as director from 1977 to 1991, and chair of the Bothell Downtown Revitalization Project from 1986 to 1990.
   In the Legislature, she has served as chair of the Senate Education Committee.
   McAuliffe is a strong adherent of quality education for K-12 and supports education reform. "I want to fight to 'stay the course' with the Education Reform Act ESHB 1209 of 1993, to set high state standards for what children need to know and are able to do, and to reconnect students and parents to schools," said McAuliffe.
   She also cited a need for strong economic growth and a clean environment, and efficiency in state government with effective use of tax dollars.
   "I want to work to create a climate for business to grow and locate in the state of Washington; businesses that provide family-wage jobs. This means a fair and competitive tax structure, a quality education system, and transportation that provides reduction in congestion."
   McAuliffe has lived in Bothell for 34 years.

Ian Elliot

Ian Elliot Age: 51.
Party: Republican.
Occupation: Land-use, economic development consultant.
Family: Wife, Sandy, two children.

   Ian Elliot has served as a State Representative in the 1st district and is now challenging Rosemary McAuliffe for the Senate seat.
   While in the House, he was vice-chair of the House Education Committee that passed charter school legislation, which later died in the Senate.
   Elliot's priorities include enacting effective and efficient policies for the operation of the K-12 education system, while ensuring it receives full funding; providing an effective safety net for all truly needy state citizens of all ages; and acquiring funding to complete transportation projects currently under development and to fulfill the region's projected transportation needs.
   "For this biennium, it appears that the issues surrounding welfare block grants will occupy a lot of the Legislature's time," Elliot said. "I believe that we have the opportunity to turn around many years of bad policy and start in a fresh direction, freeing people from a lifelong dependency on welfare."
   Elliot also supports establishing environmental priorities "that sustain the health of the ecosystems, such as fisheries and habitats, and provide adequate parks and recreation areas."
   "Transportation will also be center stage in this legislature," he added. "There is much work to be done in this area: acquiring and defining the funds to be used; determining which projects to proceed with, based on our most pressing needs; and outlining reasonable expectations of success will all be great steps forward."

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