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Wedge development approved

development approved by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The 32-home project on "the Wedge" received its approval with conditions recently, and it is not yet known whether residents there will appeal the decision to the City Council.
   The two developments, Stone Hill Meadow and Stone Hill Village, would build 32 homes on four adjoining acres in the 13405 block, from 184th to 186th. Both lots have a base density of R-6 (residential, six homes per acre), and the two developers plan to take advantage of the city's option of increasing the density by offering eight to 10 homes as affordable housing, roughly $120,000 each. The remaining 20-plus homes would sell for about $160,000 each.
   Ron McConnell, the hearing examiner in the case, issued his decision on Oct. 15 with several conditions: a six-foot-high fence around the perimeter of the development; no access onto NE 184th Street; no wood-burning fireplaces; dedication to the City of Woodinville of a recreation tract and a Native Growth Protection Easement over the eastern portion of the site; frontage improvements; and a minimum five-foot-wide walkway made of four-inch crushed gravel on NE 186th Street, from 132nd Avenue NE to the site and along the 90-degree turn onto 136th.
   Combined, the two projects are expected to generate a net increase in traffic of 28 peak afternoon trips and 21 peak morning trips, plus 268 daily trips. The increases do not reach a threshold which would require off-site improvements to other roads and intersections.
   Appeals of the hearing examiner's decision are being accepted through Oct. 29.