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Police Log by Jeff Switzer
Three female students and two adult males are in custody after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a 16-year-old Bothell student, taking her from her apartment complex on Woodinville-Juanita Road on Oct. 22.
   The girl said the alleged kidnappers, four of whom were acquaintances of the victim, threw her into the trunk of a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am around 8 p.m. and drove away with its lights off. Upon hearing screaming, the girl's father and an apartment security guard came out to investigate and saw the car drive off.
   According to police, the car was driven to a dark and secluded area of Auburn in south King County, where the three females, a 15-year-old Bothell girl and two from Kirkland, ages 16 and 15, assaulted the victim over relationship issues and alleged infidelity, while the two males, a 19-year-old Bothell male and a Kirkland man, 20, watched and laughed.
   After the five drove away, the girl walked to a nearby house, and the homeowner drove her home.
   Around 11:30 p.m., as the assault case was being reported, nightshift officers in Woodinville spotted a male fitting the description of one of the kidnappers walking in the north industrial area of Woodinville. The vehicle was found nearby and verified as the one used in the kidnapping, the four other suspects still asleep inside.
   Five officers were on the scene to book the two males into King County jail and the three girls into the youth service center pending kidnapping and assault charges.