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The Nov. 5 ballot: DeYoung seeks State Treasurer's seat

State Treasurer Woodinville resident Lucy DeYoung, a charter City Councilmember and Woodinville's first Mayor, is seeking the post of State Treasurer, running against current Thurston County Treasurer Mike Murphy.

Lucy DeYoung

Lucy DeYoung Age: 46.
Party: Republican.
Occupation: Municipal financial advisor.
Family: Husband, Tim Matson.

   Lucy DeYoung is currently president of Evergreen Public Finance, a municipal financial advisor. The firm provides consulting services for more than $1.5 billion in securities for clients such as Washington State, the University of Washington, King County, local school districts, and municipalities.
   Active in the incorporation of Woodinville, DeYoung served as its first mayor for three years and continues to be active as a member of the City Council.
   "I have background in private and public financial expertise that is unmatched by my opponent," said DeYoung, who worked for 10 years in the public sector as a senior financial analyst for the Washington State House and Senate and Governor's Budget Office, and for 15 years in the private sector as a banker for First Chicago and the Northern Trust Company.
   "I possess the professional background in banking needed to be the state's Chief Financial Officer," DeYoung said.
   DeYoung says one of the most critical issues facing the Puget Sound region is the expanding need for improved infrastructure financing, including school construction, transportation improvements, sewer and water systems, affordable housing, and recreational opportunities.
   She says that she will proactively search for ways to assist and support communities in their plans for economic development and work with cities and counties to achieve the maximum return possible on the state's investments, "without taking any unnecessary risks with your taxes or pension funds. That will be my number one priority," DeYoung said.
   "This office has been a sleepy backwater of state government far too long," DeYoung said. "I'll be a proactive State Treasurer, working aggressively, but in partnership with the Legislature and our new Governor on state fiscal policy."

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy Age: 49.
Party: Democrat.
Occupation: Thurston County Treasurer.
Family: Wife, Teri Smith Murphy.

   Mike Murphy was elected the Thurston County Treasurer three times after first being appointed in 1987. He worked full time in the State Treasurer's office from 1972 to 1987 while earning his Masters in Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University, moving on to administrator of the Public Deposit Protection Commission, then Internal Auditor.
   "I have a vision for the State Treasurer's office," said Murphy. "This vision is based on three simple principles: integrity, customer service, and working smarter. I know how to work smarter."
   Murphy said that over the last nine years, he has modernized the Thurston County Treasurer's office. "The productivity of our excellent staff has increased dramatically, and we have been praised time and time again by our peers for doing a better job. I saved the taxpayers money," he said.
   Murphy said the citizens must depend on the Treasurer's integrity, and stressed that the office can't afford even a hint of conflict of interest with large financial institutions.
   "Being the State Treasurer isn't about politics, it's about getting the most for each and every tax dollar," said Murphy. "The State Treasurer plays a critical role in providing the financing mechanism for capital projects all across the state. Our state deserves a State Treasurer who is proactive, innovative, and able to work well with both state government agencies and local government."
   The Seattle native has been married for 23 years, is the eldest of 11 children, and has been endorsed by 22 current county treasurers in Washington State.