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The Nov. 5 ballot: 1st Legislative District, Rep. Position Two

1st Legislative District Challenging incumbent Republican Mike Sherstad for the position 2 seat in the 1st Legislative District is small business owner Judy J. Janes.

Mike Sherstad

Mike Sherstad Age: 31.
Party: Republican.
Occupation: Builder.
Family: Married with three children.

   Mike Sherstad's priorities include juvenile justice, lessening the tax burden, and allowing choice in education.
   "We need to crack down on juvenile offenders at the first offense, not the fifth or sixth," Sherstad said.
   He says property taxes are too high and relief is needed for those on fixed incomes.
   Sherstad has pledged to work on health care policy if re-elected. "The road needs to be paved for Medical Savings Accounts that let people keep the profits that otherwise would go to insurance companies. Medical Savings Accounts let you choose your doctor and visit him or her without co-pays."
   Sherstad said he voted for the two education initiatives when similar bills were before the Legislature, and felt he wrote a better charter school bill with better accountability.
   "I think it's a great opportunity, charter schools or vouchers, to allow poorer students a chance at a great education. The problems I see are whenever a private school takes public moneys, there are always going to be strings attached. That's not a problem with the charter schools or vouchers, that's a problem with the Legislature.
   "I firmly believe we need to return the power to the parents and the school boards and take the Legislature out except for funding," Sherstad said.
   Sherstad graduated from the University of Washington in economics and has been a resident of the 1st District for 19 years. Judy J. Janes

Judy J. Janes Age: 50.
Party: Democrat.
Occupation: Small business owner.
Family: Married 30 years; three children; one granddaughter.

   Judy J. Janes, a small business owner for nine years, has also served on the Edmonds School Board for nine years, which received Outstanding School Board of the Year in 1989 and 1995. Edmonds has an annual budget of $117 million.
   Janes' priorities include education, transportation, health care, and quality of life.
   "K-12 education reform and access to higher education are essential to our state and nation if we are to remain successful and competitive," Janes said. "Setting high standards, developing appropriate testing, and implementing shared decision-making with teachers and building staff is critical to providing quality education for all our children."
   Janes also believes transportation and adequate roads are an important issue for 1st District residents.
   "I am committed to preserving our quality of life through adequate planning of transportation, protection of clean air and water, affordable health care, and sufficient infrastructure to support our families."
   Janes served on the 1994-95 Washington State School Directors legislative committee and the South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce. She has lived in the area for 25 years.