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Bothell man charged in Duvall assault

assault charges by Lisa Allen
King County prosecutors have charged an Eastside man with first-degree attempted murder and rape in the recent kidnapping and assault of a Seattle girl.
   Brian Charles Watts, 27, whose last address was in the Bothell area, was charged last week for allegedly abducting the 16-year-old near Seattle Center and driving her to the Stossel Creek area east of Duvall, where he allegedly beat and raped her. According to prosecutors, the assault took place just a couple of miles from where Watts' mother lives.
   Prosecutors said the girl told police that in the early morning hours of Oct. 8, while she was waiting for a bus near Seattle Center, a man in a blue and white pickup truck drove by her twice, shortly after which she was grabbed from behind and hit on the head.
   The man then bound her hands with flexible handcuffs and put duct tape over her mouth and eyes, said prosecutors. He then pushed her into his truck and drove her to a secluded area on the Stossel Creek Road.
   Along the way, he allegedly asked the girl about herself and smoked marijuana. After arriving at the isolated area, prosecutors said Watts cut off the handcuffs, removed the duct tape, and pulled off the girl's clothes.
   He then sodomized and beat the girl, prosecutors said. After that, he allegedly attempted to break her neck by twisting it forcibly. Failing at that, he strangled her until she was unconscious. Prosecutors said the girl awoke as Watts was rolling her into some bushes by the side of the road. Still naked, she lay motionless as Watts allegedly threw her clothes on top of her, stared at her, then drove away, returning a few minutes later to stare at her again, this time throwing her clothes away from her.
   After about an hour, the girl dressed and flagged down a logging truck driver. She was scratched and bruised with blood on her face, said court documents. The truck driver took her to Harborview Medical Center, where she was treated and released.
   A Seattle police officer was credited with Watts' arrest near the Seattle Center area on Oct. 20. Officer Sage Farwell said he spotted the truck on the other side of an intersection where they were both stopped for a traffic light. As the two passed by each other, Farwell said he noticed the truck driver's appearance was similar to the composite sketch of the rape suspect that had been drawn by the county's Special Assault Unit. Farwell pulled the driver over for a traffic violation and called for detectives who were in the area looking for the rapist.
   Court documents say Watts explained he was in the area to pick up a "friend," but agreed to let police search his truck. Detectives found a roll of duct tape, a set of flexible handcuffs, blood, and what appeared to be marijuana, court papers said. He then said he had lied about his friend and told detectives he was in the area looking for a "date."
   In a line-up, he was positively identified by the 16-year-old and also by a second rape victim, a 40-year-old Seattle woman who had been attacked in the same manner in September.
   Prosecutors said they anticipate filing charges in that case as soon as the investigation is complete. Watts is being held on a $750,000 cash only bail.