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Toward the next 20 years

Editorial The Woodinville Weekly published its first issue on November 6, 1976, just prior to the 1976 general election. Its lead story was Woodinville's proposed incorporation. We are publishing our 20th anniversary issue this week, again during general election week.
   Much has changed in the two decades since the small community newspaper first appeared on the streets of Woodinville. The town has grown, cityhood has been achieved, new challenges are being faced, and new names being elected.
   The Woodinville Weekly has evolved itself from a fledgling community information vehicle to a respected news medium. Its circulation is more than 30,000; its advertisers come from all areas and have solid success; it is published in three editions to serve the burgeoning area of Woodinville's influence: east to Duvall in the Valley View, and north to Bothell and Kenmore in the Northlake News.
   But what has remained constant through twenty years is the commitment of the Woodinville Weekly to reporting what is important to its readership. From news of major civic import to the celebration of citizen accomplishment and the recognition of community endeavors, the Woodinville Weekly has taken pride in doing its best to meet the high standards of community journalism.
   Its staff looks forward with eagerness to continuing the tradition. We hope you'll be with us for two more decades.