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Save tree money, hire full-time police force

saving money I'm in total agreement with C. DeBoer's letter of Aug. 5 about spending taxpayer's money wisely.
   The infastructure should always come first so that Woodinville can maintain all that it has already spent money on: Keeping the streets and sidewalks in good condition, the gutters clear and running, and the trees topped to avoid any overhead power lines before thinking to rip them out.
   Roots can always be cut back at the surface without damaging the trees and perhaps like strips on NE 175th Street, brick pavers should be put in place across those areas of the sidewalk where the tree roots are most likely to appear. In that way, the roots can always be maintained without permanent damage to the cement sidewalk. Bricks rise and give, without much cracking.
   For the money it will cost to remove the trees along 140th Avenue NE and NE 175th Street, replant new, smaller ones, replace the sidewalks, street, and curb damage, and replant the grass, you could top the existing trees and take up the brick pavers for any needed root pruning for many, many years to come.
   Let's use that savings in money by having a less traumatic plan for the tree problem, and hire a full-time police force.

Karen Ward, Woodinville