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City must be proactive in its management

proactive management I believe it is fiscally prudent and good management for the Woodinville City Council to purchase land for the city.
   Contrary to Mr. Dixon's comments when the city was starting operations, that "we could just have city council meetings in one of the council members homes," I personally do not think this is a feasible solution for city operations.
   Since the Sorenson Bond did not achieve the 60% super majority needed to pass, the council must again explore the wishes of the voters. The ballot issue was to purchase the Sorenson complex, not a referendum on whether or not the city should ever purchase any property for city use.
   The council's responsibility to the citizens includes providing essential services in the most effective, efficient manner possible. I believe that part of the charge we were selected for is to look at alternatives, explore possibilities and make the best decisions possible with the best information available. Because of this, I believe that we cannot just sit back, wring our hands, and wait until the Sorenson lease runs out in August 1997, then decide that we'd better look for another place to put city hall.
   We need to look ahead and be proactive, not negative and pessimistic. I was elected to make sound decisions that are in the best interests of the citizens. I pledge to continue to strive towards that goal.

Bob Miller, Mayor, Woodinville