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Maltby warned against cityhood

Maltby cityhood I see that the people of Maltby are considering cityhood. I wonder if they are aware of section 36.70A.110 of the Growth Management Act which says, "Each county ... shall designate ... urban growth areas within which urban growth shall be encouraged, and outside of which growth can occur only if it is not urban in nature. Each city that is located within such a county shall be included within an urban growth area."
   In other words, if you become a city, you automatically become part of your county's urban growth area, with all the housing and business density that entails. This became law in 1990. Since then, businesspeople and developers have been telling citizens of rural areas that they need "home rule" to avoid being annexed or to "get out from under the thumb of bounty regulations."
   Rather, in Washington, being an incorporated city does not mean "home rule," it means you are subject to state and county laws requiring you to take the majority of development and growth, regardless of citizens' wishes.
   Maltby citizens, don't make the same mistake Woodinville did!

Maria Morris, Woodinville