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City closer to deciding grid roads with Canterbury Square and Molbak's

grid roads by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--With a fresh perspective on the issue from interim Public Works Administrator Roy Peterson, the city is considering deleting a portion of the future NE 172nd Street in exchange for two other grid roads when Canterbury Square and Molbak's undergo redevelopment.
   In exchange, Canterbury Square would declare the mobile homes within the proposed future right of way (ROW) personal property, and agree to give the city a connector road to the south bypass when they redevelop. Similarly, Molbak's is being asked if they would build pieces of a road from NE 175th Street to the south bypass on the east side of their property when they redevelop.
   The City Council favored the proposal and directed Peterson to begin negotiating with the two parties, with the intention of bringing the issue back to the council for final resolution on Nov. 18.
   Dave Bricklin, attorney representing Canterbury Square Criers Association, said he felt it was a good proposal worth considering, and that he was willing to work with Peterson. "We're supportive of the concept and we're working out the details," Bricklin said. "We'd always like it a day earlier rather than a day later, but I think we're going to be in the ball park."
   "The main thing is that nothing happens until Canterbury Square redevelops," said George Scrimshaw, president of the Canterbury Criers Association. In the interim, "it allows us to go ahead and complete the Phase II development, it lets us pay off the bank and sell those 11 lots."
   Scrimshaw says the money from the sales of those lots would be redistributed to the 135 Canterbury Criers who put up their own money to bring about the purchase of Canterbury Square.
   There are 162 residents in the condominium association, though "the current ones got older" and 73 is the average age, he said. "When they get a couple thousand dollars apiece, they'll be thrilled. Heck, I'll be thrilled!"