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Northshore math program is major grant recipient

Northshore math program Northshore is one of six school districts to share in a $2.7 million program for Creating a Community of Mathematics Learners. The five-year collaborative project also involves the University of Washington College of Education, Department of Mathematics, and Educational Outreach program.
   The first three years of the program focus on all middle and junior high mathematics teachers in the participating districts (Bellevue, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Seattle, and Shoreline). The project will be extended to high school teachers during the final two years.
   This grant will allow teachers to come together to explore mathematical ideas in ways that connect to students' everyday lives, and to share their experiences across district lines.
   "This project will provide the time, networking and content development to facilitate needed changes in our mathematics curriculum," said Aaron Feik, coordinator of mathematics and science for Northshore schools.
   The program has three main components:
   First, participating teachers will meet over the three academic years and two summers. Workshops will focus on increasing teachers' understanding of the mathematical concepts they teach, as well as issues related to curriculum, instruction, and testing.
   Second, emphasis will be placed on sharing curriculum ideas and responses to curriculum. All participants will be able to participate in online discussion groups coordinated by the project.
   Third, the project contains specific plans for keeping parents informed and involved in the program. Plans include regular communication, as well as special mathematics events produced by students and teachers.