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Falcon soccer has big heart

WHS soccer by Kathy Gordon
For the third year in a row, the Woodinville High School girls soccer team is heading for the Kingco Title as the top seed.
   The driving force has been six girls who play soccer for the love of it: Seniors Tricia Gordon, Megan Gaz, Dee Behler, Heather Hartstein, Anna Lisa Skogen, and Sarah Shaw are ending their season with a long friendship that started for some of them at six years old.
   Tricia and Megan have played together since they were in first grade; Heather, Anna Lisa, and Dee joined the group in junior high after playing on other recreational teams in elementary school; and Sarah began playing with the other five during her junior year at WHS.
   Together, they have made the Falcon varsity team a winning team both on and off of the field. The Class of 1997 not only produced a group of leaders that held together and started a lot of fun traditions for the upcoming sophomores, they also went to the state playoffs for the past three years.
   The girls all play select soccer for Northshore. Anna Lisa, Heather, and Megan have been on the State Olympic development program team; Tricia in the regional pool; and Dee in the national pool, also trying out for the U.S. National Team. Megan, Heather, Tricia and Dee have been on the Kingco first team, and all the girls hope to go on to play at the collegiate level. Tricia and Dee have been recruited by Division I schools. All the girls also maintain a three point or better grade average during the season, play on a club team, and hold down part-time jobs.
   Heather and Sarah have been on the varsity basketball team for the past two years. Dee holds the school record for the triple jump and Tricia's four-by-four team finished 7th in the state finals and broke the school record. Anna Lisa and Tricia hold coaching licenses and coached a young girls team together. Tricia has assisted with a U-13 select team and Heather is an assistant coach for a 6th grade girls basketball team.