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The earth must come first

earth first Is Woodinville destined to become Totem Lake North? About "progress" in that direction, the late E.B. White expresses our sentiments:
   "For this picture, for this privilege, this cameo of [substitute Woodinville here], I would give anything. Yet all the time I know that this very loyalty, this feeling of being part of a special place, this respect for one's native scene--I know that such emotions have had a big part in the world's wars. Who is there big enough to love the whole planet? We must find such people for the next society."
   For the next society or the next century, don't look to developers and city government for contributions to a workable world. It's easier to be loyal to the almighty dollar than it is to be loyal to the planet. The grass, the sky, and the water belong to everybody.
   The land must be held in safekeeping. It is contrary to the public good to allow anyone to destroy--beyond repair--any part of the soil, the water, or even the view.
   When are the irresponsibly greedy going to realize that the earth must come first?

Gary and JoAnne Blevins, Woodinville