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Rainier School provides good care from dedicated staff members

Rainier School Two articles in the Seattle Times on Oct. 19 and 22 had the following caption: "Rainier School is accused of abuse and neglect, and is a dangerous place to live."
   As a parent of a son who has no speech, is profoundly deaf, and has a severe communication problem, and who resides at Rainier, I definitely reject these allegations as being ill-founded and untrue.
   Mark Stroh, director of Washington Protection and Advocacy System, has filed two suits against Washington State. He must have never set foot in Rainier School to make these charges.
   The residents of Rainier receive good, loving care from dedicated staff members, with excellent supervision and oversight. My son is not abused. The least restrictive living for him is at Rainier School, and we do not believe he could survive in the community.
   The personnel of WPAS have long held extreme biases against facilities like Rainier School. They are using these unfounded charges to push their one-sided point of view, and using our taxpayer public money to do so.
   These people offer little to nothing in the way of viable quality alternatives, but instead seek court action to satisfy their decided biased position. There is a very great need for residential schools plus community placement.
   Friends of Rainier has scheduled an Open House at Rainier School, located on Ryan Road in Buckley, on Sunday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. The public is invited to come and tour Rainier and see the quality of the school and the programs available. Tours will begin from the auditorium. Call (360) 829-1111 for driving directions or more information.

Jessie Crim, Snohomish