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Teen activities

teen activities by Teen Northshore

   Teen Northshore wants to know what you want to hear. Let us know by calling 344-6417.

   Bothell Pony Basketball is registering players for the 1997 season for ages 13-16. Call 487-1181 to get more information.

   The Northshore Youth Basketball Association has openings for volunteer coaches for boys teams in the eighth grade and high school levels. Call 488-6540.

   The 1997 International Auto Show runs Nov. 13-17 at the Kingdome. It opens at noon and runs until 10 p.m. Wed-Fri., from 10-10 on Saturday, and 10-7 on Sunday.

   Come to Bothell High School on a Thursday night from 7-9 p.m. and work on your homework, use the computer lab, do your homework, or just hang out. Call 486-3256 if you need questions answered.

   Tired of having to rely on someone else to fix the basics on your car? Learn some basic auto repair and maybe work on your own car at the Bothell High School Auto Shop. This free program is offered every Thursday night and starts at 7 p.m. Call 486-3256.

   Need to get a question answered from the library? Call 462-9600 from the convenience of your own home and get the information you need.

   Want to find out the latest about local, state, or national biking events? Do you want to know of a good trail for a bike ride this time of year? Call 522-BIKE.

   Come to the Sorenson Gym in downtown Woodinville on a Saturday night and listen to a local teen band play. The concerts start at 7 and ends around 11 p.m. Refreshments are sold and there will be a cover charge of under $5. (Bands do not play on the third Saturday of the month.) Call 485-9797.