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Local voters cast their ballots

election results by Jeff Switzer
Nationwide, voters said "yes" to Bill Clinton. Statewide, voters endorsed Gary Locke and Brad Owen for Governor and Lt. Governor, called for an end to bear baiting, turned down charter schools and vouchers, said "no" to a push for term limits and "no" to slot machines on Indian lands.
   Regionally, voters in King and Snohomish Counties said "yes" to the $3.9 billion regional transit plan, and King County approved redistricting every ten years rather than every five, and approved electing the sheriff.
   The only local change was in the 1st Legislative District, where Democrat Al O'Brien edged Tim Olsen for Ian Elliot's vacant seat. Incumbents Mike Sherstad and Rosemary McAuliffe were re-elected, as were 45th District representatives Kathy Lambert and Bill Backlund, Congressman Rick White, and Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn.
   Woodinville City Councilmember Lucy DeYoung lost her bid for the State Treasurer's seat to Democrat Mike Murphy, though she garnered 732,266 votes statewide and beat Murphy in 10 counties.
   These results reflect totals as of Friday afternoon, Nov. 8.

Regional Transit Plan

King County vote Snohomish County vote

King County

Charter Amendment 1 (redistricting every 10 years) Charter Amendment 2 (elected sheriff)

State Treasurer

First Congressional District

Eighth Congressional District

1st Legislative District

Senator Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

44th Legislative District

Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

45th Legislative District

Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

Statewide Initiatives

I-655 (end bear baiting) I-670 (term limits and ballots) I-671 (electronic gaming on Indian lands) I-173 (school vouchers) I-177 (charter schools)